Partnering with Kore Great Hope Charities

Partnering with Kore Great Hope Charities
Partnering with Kore Great Hope Charities in Korah - Children's Shelter (blue fence) & church is directly across the road.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Soccer is BIG in Ethiopia… and most kids in Korah LOVE to play!!  Whenever we assess a family and ask a mother what their son or daughter enjoys doing, they most always answer "Kwas" - Ball - Soccer!!  Few children in Korah own a soccer ball and there is little to no opportunity to play on an organized team, but they all identify with soccer and dream of playing.   In response to this need and this passion, De Jellum, one of our HFK team members living on the ground there began a soccer  ministry to boys living in Korah.  Over this last year he and other leaders from the Korah community, along with his wife Katie and co-workers Mark & Tammy Brandsma, have been developing this program even further and around 6 months ago his vision was expanded to  include the girls! 

Just this morning I received a poignant update from Tammy regarding this week's soccer practice: "Soccer has been a great way for us to build community a midst the pre-teen/ teens in our program, while also connecting with them over God's Word and teaching them its relevance to their day-to-day lives. This past week, I was teaching a group of 23 girls from Matt 6 re: Do Not Worry.  It's a different thing to teach from that passage to a group of kids growing up with single parents, in a slum, with long term illnesses ( i.e. leprosy, HIV).  To be honest, I was wondering a bit why God led me to that passage for them...  I mean,