Partnering with Kore Great Hope Charities

Partnering with Kore Great Hope Charities
Partnering with Kore Great Hope Charities in Korah - Children's Shelter (blue fence) & church is directly across the road.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

In One Unexpected Moment - Harigwah's life changed!

Sponsorship changes lives!

It was a life changing moment - Peter and Teri from Canada, joined our Hope for Korah (HFK) team for a few days and together we met Harigwah in her tattered little Korah home. A widow for 10 years, Harigwah shared how she has been going daily to the garbage dump; taking an entire day or longer (because of lots of grabbing & competition from others) to forage through the trash looking for plastic in order to fill one large sack for a resale value of 15 Ethiopian Birr (75 cents).  What determination and strength to do this day after day....  Eating a piece of bread in the morning and only once more after that, she also rents her one room dilapidated shack for 400 Ethiopian Birr per month... If you do the math, you  realize there is next to nothing left over for food, hygiene, education, clothing or medical. Unsurprisingly,  Harigwah shared she was 2 months behind on her rent... she said her landlord is kind, he has not evicted her yet.

Harigwah's daughter dreams of being an author - she loves to write

Well, little did Harigwah know that morning when she woke up she would never have to scavenge through the garbage again! In one unexpected moment, God touched her life and it took on a whole new direction. Harigwah was given the opportunity to become part of our HFK